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Palliative and End of Life Care
At some point in our life we are affected by losing someone we love or have had some kind of relationship with. This is extremely distressing for some and they may not know which way to turn. At Able Care & Support Services, we can provide the practical and emotional support needed to care for a loved one on their final journey. At the point of diagnosis is where the palliative stage of care commences. It is where symptoms are managed and although this can indeed go on for many years for some, it is still the start of that journey. Our support is not only for the person who is at this stage of life, but also as a lean to for their support network such as family and friends. 
Our staff can sensitively provide the physical support such as personal care and grooming, moving and positioning and contribute to the holistic needs of the person at the end of life. We can provide sitting and support services to provide a much needed respite for those caring for the individual. We can and will follow the wishes and preferences that may have been discussed and decided by the individual. We work together with multi disciplinary teams and provide the personal care and support needed at this time in ones life. Our specialist team have completed the NCFE Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of End of Life Care Award which is a highly recognised qualification. In addition to this qualification they have also attended:
  • Communication at the End of Life Course
  • End of Life Course