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"To the Fabulous Team that has cared for my Mum....I have lost my Mum today, my Mum lost her dignity a couple of years ago and she knew she had, but you gave it her back, I just wish we had you here from the very beginning. The care has been superb, you have supported my whole family, especially my Dad. I will never forget you for what you have done, Thank you"
Deborah Wimbush

"I cannot believe the difference in Mum's care. I knew you were good as we were told by the Social Worker you was highly recommended and also we know someone who has used you company to look after their dad. I went to Mum's today and she looked lovely, all clean and relaxed, not anxious anymore. She hasn't stopped talking about 'the girls. its just great, I have peace of mind finally.
Debbie (nee Loco)

"have you ever had that feeling when you just know that you have mase the right decision about something? well I have had that feeling speaking to you and meeting your team yesterday. You can just see the difference without anything being done yet.  I wish you were in our lives sooner"
Gwen Taylor

"just to say a big thank you t Tracey , Helen and the Carers who looked after Mum so well. We couldn't have done it without you."
Pauline & Dorothy (nee Hughes)

"Thank you all for what you did, we didn't think Mum would last as long as she did. All your team were great and cared for Mum. We really didn't realise what we were to face when Mum came home. We would have had to send her back to hospital if you weren't here, thanks again"
Alan Barker

"I have never seen what I have seen today, your mother was washed and dressed after she had passed and that lady (Manager) spoke to her as if she was still here with us, she even put her perfume on her. I will never forget that, it was amazing to see"
As told to Jenny Hanson by a Paramedic after Jenny's mother had passed away