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Able Care & Support Services are a company who provides care and support to people living in their own home. Our aim is to provide quality support for any adult, to enable them to live independently and safely at home, or to enjoy social activities in and around their local community and beyond.

“We care because you matter”

Registered Manager / Director

My name is Tracey Jackson and I have worked in different care services, and I am now in my 34th Year of working in Health & Social Care, with people who have various disabilities, illnesses and needs.

I started my career off with voluntary work and then went in to paid care work when my children were very small. I attained several management qualifications among many others during this time. I am a qualified Risk Assessor and Moving and Positioning Facilitator having taught this subject for 26 years. 

I have a Teaching Degree from Huddersfield University in addition to three other Teaching Qualifications. I left management to focus my attention on teaching and assessing managers of care services, particularly Registered Managers & Directors of Care Companies, other Senior Management & all levels of care staff from many different service backgrounds. 

I took a position at Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College as a Teacher / Assessor / Internal Verifier within Health and Social Care and was responsible for the teaching and curriculum for the Care Cadet Programme. I have specialised within many subjects within health and social care over the last 30 years or so and I am an active registered Dignity Champion.

So what spurred me on to set up a care business, you might ask…

Well ….. for 14 years I had gone in to many establishments all over the North West as part of my role as a teacher / Assessor including nursing homes, hospital wards, residential homes, learning disability services, mental health units, domiciliary services etc and observed some excellent care practices by some of the most caring, supportive and wonderful staff an employer could wish for. Sadly, I have also witnessed some very poor practices, by not only staff but also by management, which disturbed me to think that these practices seemed to be thought of as ‘normal and acceptable’.

The one incident that made me take another look at where my career was going was when I visited a ‘Residential Home’ in the North West to teach a course and whilst walking to the front door that day to leave, I saw a Deputy Manager mock and mimic a gentleman Resident who was sleeping, the gentleman was none the wiser thankfully. I approached the Deputy Manager, in front of those around him who had thought it funny, I asked him how he would feel to be made a fool of if he was unable to defend himself or had his dignity and pride taken away from him, he was stunned. He never answered, neither did those around him….at this point they were no longer laughing.

I left the residence and reported this to the Commission for Social Care Inspection, as it was at the time and I also contacted the Director of the home.

It was this incident that eventually prompted me to try and set a company up, I am not a business woman, I do not pretend to be, and had a lot to learn about business and employment etc!, but I am someone who knows how care and support should be delivered and knew people needing this assistance deserved better. My view was and still is that if our company changes the life one or more people and made that difference, it was worth trying. My family felt the same when I spoke with them and said they were right behind me and to go for it.

I am not saying we are perfect by any means, being perfect means, you cannot improve, but as we see it, there is always room for improvement in any business, any aspect of a your own life or how you provide care and support to someone else. You will never please everyone, no matter how or what you do, as sometimes with some people, your best is not good enough, and we accept this, we have to, but if there is a care team such as our Community Enablers, our Management Team and the Directors etc, who are totally dedicated to their role and believe in what they do, and really do want to make a difference, then this is the basis of any care company, your heart has to be in the right place and ours is firmly where it should be.

I have spoken with Managers and Directors over the years in many different services about poor practice, and it has been addressed immediately in most cases, but I have to say in some cases it hasn’t.

I believe that people are unique individuals who demand the right to be treated and cared for by highly trained, motivated and compassionate staff. Poor practice should not be tolerated. Today we have the training, knowledge and technology to provide anyone, who requires any kind of support, with the means to live independently within their own home for as long as is safe and possible.

So …. I do hope we will be working together to ensure that the quality of life you deserve is delivered to you, take care.

We operate a 24 Hour Care Service, our office hours are:

Monday – Friday – 9am to 5pm
Monday – Friday -5pm to 9am Emergency On Call Out of Hours Service.
Saturday – Emergency On Call Out Of Hours Service
Sunday – Emergency On Call Out Of Hours Service

Need Help or Advice: Call 0161 285 3266


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Our Care Teams are extremely well trained and experienced. They excel in what they do.


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They Care….pure and simple. We provide good old fashioned hands on care…we have gone back to basics, providing care, no matter what is needed. 


24 Hour Care Service

We operate a 24 Hour Care Service, our office hours are: Monday – Friday –  9am to 5pm 

Quality Assurance

We are not only dedicated to being a good quality provider of services but also a good quality employer to our much respected staff.


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