Funding Your Care

There are different ways in which to fund your home care with us at Able Care & Support Services in Hyde, Manchester.

Private Purchase

Our private purchase is for those who are privately funding their own care. Although the high quality of service is the same across all our services, with the private service, it is more flexible and has more services available. These services are what the local authority and direct payments scheme will not fund. Our Private Service is often purchased in addition to the Direct Payment Scheme and also Local Authority funded services.

Direct Payments

Direct Payments allows you to be in control of your own personal care budget. This means that you would be assessed by the direct payment department on what help you need to continue to live at home. You will then be provided with the funds to purchase your own care. Some of our Services Users are funded through Direct Payments and this has given them the choice and freedom to choose exactly what they need to maintain their independence in their own home.

Independent Living Fund

Although this funding has ceased for new claims it is still in place for individuals who were claiming the fund prior to it being made obsolete. You have a right to choose who provides your support.

Local Authority Funding

You have a right to choose which company you prefer to provide your care. Although the Local Authority pays or subsidises the cost of your care and support, it is you who has the choice of provider. The Local Authority will point you in the way of direct payments whch gives you total freedom.

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