External Quality Systems

Our External Quality is where our quality system involves those not employed by the company such as Service Users and their Advocates.

This is where our services are audited for Quality just like our staff are during the Internal Quality System. There are several ways in which we do this …

Able Care & Support External Quality System Consist of:


Service User Surveys

Once , maybe twice a year , we send out our service user survey by post or hand delivered. This survey is vital in providing feedback on our services. It can be anonymous if you so wish. It is very easy to follow and requires just a tick against the statements, but there is a place for comments if you wish to make some. Should you be unable to complete the survey independently then we can,with your permission, send a manager to you and they will assist in completing this. We hope that our Service Users are honest with us on the surveys, as this way, we can continually improve our services for you.

Staff Spot Checks and Observations

Every month one of these takes place. Our staff mainly work alone and this means that we cannot always be sure of quality unless staff are spot checked and observed to prove they are competent and consistent in their role and duties. A Manager may turn up unannounced at your home when the worker is visiting , the manager will have their ID badge with them. We would encourage your participation in this, as without your help we cannot make sure that you are being provided with a quality service unless you tell us you are or we observe this is real work activity.

Audit of Service Users Files

You will be contacted by a Line Manager regularly to ask permission to visit to Audit our file that you have in your home. When we visit we check the contents, the daily communication log against our records to ensure no entries have been missed etc. We look at the records in the file and the general condition of the file. if it is in need, your file will be replaced there and then and its contents transferred. Some documents may be removed to be secured at the office, as this file has legal documents within it and we have a responsibility to ensure the security of your information.

Service Users Forums

We organise Service Users Forums twice a year which is a social event for all Service Users, their families and advocates to come to a chosen venue where there will be a buffet of delicious food, refreshments, raffles and a game of bingo or other, for prizes for you to enjoy. It is a chance to get together with other Service Users and also meet the staff who you may never have met as they may be office based or not in your area. Another reason for the forum is to encourage your participation in developing the business by giving feedback and bringing ideas to the table on how we can keep increasing our range of services or improve services we already provide. Formal Invitations will be sent directly to your door.


There are quarterly Newsletters produced and posted directly to you. They can be a wealth of information and may also have competitions on them for you to enter. We tell you exciting news about our services or business and congratulate our staff who have achieved Qualifications through training and sponsorship etc.

UKHCA - United Kingdom Home Care Association

We are a member of the UKHCA and regularly keep in touch with them regarding laws, legislation, policies, procedures, news etc. They are a large part of our support network. They work hard at ensuring the quality of care in domiciliary services is of a high standard. Not every domiciliary company is a member but Able care and Support Services felt that there were more reasons to be member than not to be one, as we have the same ethos as the UKHCA. So we can guarantee that any changes that take place that affect our work or your care we will be one of the first ones to know about it.

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