Inspections and Monitoring

Without regulators we would not have standards. Our regulators set the standards we are to abide by. We are thoroughly inspected and scrutinised to ensure our service is one of quality and one that promotes safety, protection and well being.

Inspections from the Care Quality Commission

We have had our last inspection on 11th June 2013 and was given some wonderful feedback from our inspector, services users, their families and our staff. We were found to be compliant.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission also known as CQC.

They complete unannounced inspections of every service provider within Health and Social Care among other service providers such as Health Care.

Once they have completed their inspection which consists of looking at our data, information we hold, speaking with staff and service users and judging us against the requirements stipulated etc, they judge and grade us as Outstanding, Good, Needs Improvement and Inadequate Once the report has been compiled it is accessible from us to read or it can be viewed on the CQC website by hitting the information box on the home page at the bottom, this will take you straight to our report. If you have difficulty in accessing this then let us know and we will assist you.

In the care files in each Service Users home they are two booklets from CQC.
These are called:

“An introduction to important changes to how adult social care services are regulated”


“About us, What we do and how we do it”

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