Internal Quality Systems

We work hard at ensuring, as far as reasonably possible, the quality of our services.

We believe that we can only be as good as the staff who work for Able Care and Support Services and this means supporting our staff teams and treating them with respect and offering continual support and development opportunities.

Able Care & Support Internal Quality System Consist of:

There is also the way in which our service users have access to our quality system. There are again, several ways in which this can be done.

There are several ways in which we contribute to quality services and these are ……


Service Users are on interview panels

We feel that our Service Users should be part of our recruitment and selection process and we invite Service Users to be an active part in the programme. When it comes time to start interviewing we choose one to two Service Users to assist us by sitting on the panel and asking questions or helping us to choose who to employ etc. We feel their insight is invaluable and who better to assist in choosing staff that the people who will possibly receive their care and support.

Personal Development Reviews (PDR)

Every member of staff from Community Enablers to Administrators have an annual PDR. This is an opportunity for every member of staff to talk about their development and achievements over the previous 12 months and we discuss together what we feel they could possibly achieve in the next 12 months. We set targets and throughout the following 12 months regularly check during formal supervision, that our staff are on track for achieving the targets that have been agreed.

Formal One To One Supervisions

This is completed every 6 weeks or sooner if the need arises. This is where our staff have a one to one meeting with their Direct Line Manager and discuss their performance, training requirements, rotas, support they require, feedback from Service Uses and Staff they work with, Health and Safety etc. Every supervision ,the member of staff is given a policy and procedure to refresh themselves with and this is then discussed at our next meeting. This way they are constantly being refreshed with the content of our policies and procedures. A member of staff can request a formal supervision at any time other than their planned one.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints Procedures

We have a very clear, detailed Comments, Compliments and Complaints procedure in place and this is accessible in several ways: by following the procedure in our Service Users Guide or complaints can be made directly to the management via the contact us page of this website, in person or in writing to us directly at the address on the ‘who are we’ page. The procedure is very clear as there are different procedures depending on who funds your care and this has been stipulated by the Care Quality Commission, but it is very clear in our procedure. We also have a Braille Version of this guide available in addition to an Audio CD.

Team Meetings

Team meetings are conducted every 4 to 8 weeks. Due to supervising our staff as often as we do, staff are constantly kept up to date with changes, but we still get together for a more formal agenda regularly. The meetings are where all staff meet up with management, as a group, and we discuss areas of the business that are changing, new ventures, Policies and Procedures, Health and Safety etc. This meeting is an open forum where staff can tell us their ideas for change, improvement or for feedback on information they have received. We believe that our staff are very insightful and we encourage openness within the company.

Impromptu Monitoring Phone Calls

We will contact you very regularly to ask if everything is going ok, if there are any problems, do you need help and advice on anything etc. You will always be told who is calling you and the purpose of the call.

Live Emergency On Call Service

Anyone who receives our services can contact us directly at any time day or night. Our on call service is only for emergencies but in the emergency situation you may be in, you need someone to talk to, to help, not an answer machine that gives you another number to call, you need help there and then because it is, as we say….an emergency. Anything other than an emergency can wait until the office opens again during the week which is Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

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