Companionship Care

Companionship Care is many things……What do you need?

At times we all need a companion. We can provide companions for going places with you, to help you letter write, to read your mail, to sit and listen to you or to have a good old chat with…whatever you wish.

Companionship care

Companion Care Services Consist of:

It can be worrying when you have appointments coming up but no one to be with you. We will accompany you to your appointments at any time. Going to appointments on your own can be quite daunting. We can sit in on your consultations if you wish and act as an advocate if you have difficulty remembering or understanding or you may just want someone with you. We can wait outside your appointments to give you the privacy you need, either way we will be with you in the capacity you need us to be.


Help with Writing

Today you receive a much anticipated letter and wish to write a reply as soon as possible, no problem we will arrange it immediately.


Help with Reading

Struggling to read your mail each day then no problem we can always carry out a pop in visit, have a chat and read your mail for you.

Sitting service

We can provide a sitting service where we visit and chat, play dominoes or cards etc, read the papers together or just have a cup of tea and talk about the world going on around us. It is your time, so you decide what you want to do.


As an example, we can walk your dog, either walk the dog for you or you come with us and we will walk them together.

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