Night Time Care Services

There are times in life when things change, one of these is when illness happens. As human beings we tend to find that everything seems worse at night, our worries become big worries, our thoughts become very deep thoughts and these can then lead on to bigger worries etc, but when we are ill, for some reason, everything seems worse at at any time of the day or night, just having someone there can make all the difference.

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Night Time Care

Night Time Care Services Consist of:

If you are looking for a night time care service for a loved one, again it can alleviate a lot of the worries and stress that having to spend night time looking after someone can cause, when you have work the next day or a family to care for or both. We can take this worry away. We can also provide this service to those who are at the end of life stage as this will give a physical support to the main carers, giving them a chance to rest or just to be a family again.


Night Sitting Service

Our Night Sitting Service is for when our assistance is needed several times throughout the night. Our staff will be awake constantly and observe you throughout the night, providing any support you require from 10 pm to 7am the next morning. Creating peace of mind for you and your family.


Sleep in Service

Our Sleep in Service is where our staff would sleep in a bed provided by you so they were on hand in any eventuality.

Should our staff be woken more than twice in one night then this is classed as a Night Sitting Service.

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